Demon King

Quick InfoEdit

Canon Order: 1
Publishing Order: 2
Publisher: H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror #3
Publish Date: 2005
Artist/Illustrator: Linda "Snugbat" Smith,

Exeunt is a directors term when listing people who have left or should leave the stage or set. It is also Latin for "They Go Out".


It's Christmas Eve and time for the annual bribe to the local law. Sergeant Parkin manages to find Cabal in the closest to a 'lonely' mood as it is possible for Cabal to be. Parkin insults Doctors and Cabal offers him a drink and a story. One of his earlier forays into the supernatural, before he had become a necromancer he decided to take a job in a haunted theater to find out what he could and finds himself face to face with an undead magician and his pet demon both of whom are out to devour souls of the actors....

Misc StuffEdit

People: Sergeant Parkin, Mr. Curry, Mr. Pensey, Maximilian Maleficarus The Magnificent, Johannes Cabal
Creatures: Pixies, Fairies, Sprites, The Thing in the Box, Clathik
Places: Cabal's House, The Alhambra Theater
Devices: The Maw of Clathik
Rituals: Awaken the Maw
Items: Cars, Grease Paint, Batteries, Flashlight, Metal from Leng, Sandbags