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Art by George Barr

Blustery Day

Quick InfoEdit

Canon Order: 3

Publishing Order: 1

Publisher: HP Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror #1

Publish Date: 2004 (revised for e-publication, 2013)

Artist/Illustrator: George Barr

Artist/Illustrator: Linda "Snugbat" Smith,


We start the story off in Cabal's attic lab as an experiment attempts to escape. It is soon crushed by a bust of Napoleon, thrown by Cabal down three flights of stairs. Having been awake and working for some three days without stop, Cabal is exhausted, and just about falls into bed.

He is awoken at exactly 4:17 AM by a representative of the Skirtingboard People -- "louche pixies" -- who live behind the skirtingboards (baseboards) of his home and carry rusty panel pins (a very thin, short nail) as weapons. They wake him up every once in a while, and most of the time it is with something utterly useless.

This time it is with a warning. Something called the Bonewind is coming for Cabal...

Misc StuffEdit

People: Johannes Cabal, The Brotherhood of the Puissant Storm

Creatures: The Thing in the Box, Skirtingboard People, Frosty the Snowman, Wendigo, Storm Crow, Hail Goblin, Precipitate Spriggan, The Bonewind, Experiment 472, Experiment 473, Ancient Skeleton

Places: Cabal's House

Rituals: The Bonewind, Casting Lots, The Warding of Kush, Parasite Fog, The Purple Cloud, Mandarin Sleet, Cumulonemesis, The Horrid Flesh Dissolving Red Snow Of Umtak Ktharl That Makes A Sighing Noise

Books: Cultus Meterorologicus - The accumulated knowledge of The Brotherhood of the Puissant Storm

Items: Mouse Traps, Television Sets, Radio (requires a license), Damnable Candle, Grandfather Clock, Powder of Ibn-Ghazi (makes the invisible visible), Alarm Clock, Cigar Case, Tea Chests, Bicycle, Pendant of the Unnamed Queen of the Nile, Jeweler's Lupe, Signet Ring (former owner's finger still in it, no other description), Experiment 473, Napoleon Bust (about 6)

Alphabets: Ogham Runes, P'thian Sigils, Egyptian Hieroglyphs