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Arthur Trubshaw was once a bank clerk and is now the gate keeper of Hell. He is also the author of some of Hell’s various forms, documents, and contracts most notably being the nine thousand, seven hundred, and forty-seven page long “Infernal Regions (Local Authority) Hades Admission Application-Provisional (AAAA/342)”.

Arthur Trubshaw worked as a clerk at a dusty bank, in a dusty town in the dusty Old West. He was known for his being overly devoted to the penny ante trivial things, often to people's dislike. His life was brought to an abrupt end during a bank robbery when he was shot to death while asking the bandits for a receipt.

When he arrived in hell the demons assigned to him laughed diabolically at his aspirations and looked forward to crushing his hopes. Then they discovered that while they had been laughing, Trubshaw had rationalized their tormenting schedules for maximum tormenting efficiency, organized a time-and-motion study for the imps, and, in passing tidied the underwear drawers of the demon princes and princesses.

Never one to squander such a remarkably irritating talent, Satan put Trubshaw in charge of admissions into Hell.

Since his death his name has become a byword for stupidity in his home town.


He is introduced manning the entrance gate to Hell in the opening of Necromancer.

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